The Pilot production umbrella spans from four factories in Japan to three other factories in the United States, France and Brazil. From the limited edition Namiki fountain pen down to the mass-production process the highest quality is maintained. Advanced research and development with the constant implementation of new technologies keeps us a step ahead of our competition. Our employees derive a great deal of satisfaction from being part of a dynamic company that is growing rapidly and is investing steadily in its facilities, products, marketing and sales and especially in its people.

Corporate Profile

RyosukeNamiki, the founder of Pilot, realized the need for improving existing pens and used for drawing during tenure as a professor at the Tokyo Merchant Marine College. After making a prototype fountain pen, he formed a partnership with one of his colleagues, Masao Wada and started manufacturing and selling fountain pens in 1918. The company was capitalized at 200,000 yen and named The Namiki Manufacturing Company. In 1938, it was renamed The Pilot Pen Co. Ltd. and subsequently named Pilot Corporation in 1989.

Pilot Pen South Africa, was established in 1988 to distribute Pilot writing instruments in Southern Africa. The Pilot Corporation has been successful in bringing many new and exciting products to the world market. Products such as the Pilot Gold & Silver metallic markers, the brand leading Pure Liquid ink range and the erasable Frixion Hi-Lighters and pen range, just to name a few.

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